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Moon and Star Necklace in Brushed Gold - NLS36G Moon and Star Necklace in Brushed Silver - NLS36S Textured Flat Necklace Gold - NLS49G Textured Flat Necklace in Silver - NLS49S
Love-Birds Necklace in Gold - NLS50G Love-Birds Necklace in Silver - NLS50G Small Butterfly Necklace Gold - NLS07G Small Butterfly Necklace Silver - NLS07S
Penguin Necklace Gold - NLS48G Penguin Necklace Silver - NLS48S Geometric Flat Choker in Silver - NLS20S Geo Circle Necklace with Blue Druzy Effect  Stone in Gold - NLH01B
Geo Circle Necklace with Pink Druzy Effect Stone in Gold - NLH01B Linked Circles Necklace Silver - NLS02S Heart Necklace Silver - NLS03S Small Dolphin Necklace Silver - NLS16S
Small Dolphin Necklace Gold - NLS16G Natural Pearl Necklace Gold - NLB03C Natural Stone Stretch Necklace with Charm in Gold- NLB04G Inset Squares Necklace Gold - NLS46G
Inset Squares Necklace Silver - NLS46S Single Leaf Pendant Necklace in Gold - NLS39G Geometric Rectangle Necklace in Silver - NLS43S Blue Druzy Pendant Stone Necklace Gold - NLE14B
Leaf with Centre Line of Crystals Necklace in Brushed Gold - NLS42G Branch with Crystal Necklace Silver - NLS37S Branch with Crystal Necklace Gold - NLS37G Intertwined Leaves Necklace Gold- NLS35G
Geometric Squares Necklace - NLS36S Geometric Squares Necklace - NLS36G Laser Cut Heart Necklace - NLS33G Heart in a Box Necklace in Brushed Silver - NLS30S
Faceted Soft PinkGem Necklace - NLZ07P Crystal Wings Necklace - NLS28G Simple Leaves Necklace Rose Gold - NLS05R Square and Rectangle Necklace Gold - NLS24G
Simple Leaves Necklace Gold - NLS05G Long Drop Fine Chain Leaf Necklace - NLR08S Small Bee Necklace Gold - NLS14G Small Bee Necklace Silver - NLS14S
Collar Necklace Gold - NLS11G Collar Necklace Silver - NLS11S